US Government released data that Russia used Ukrainian PHP Malware

The Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, have released their JAR, also known as a Joint Analysis Report. They called it the GRIZZLY STEPPE JAR. You can read the full publication at or you can download it from our site. JAR_16-20296A_GRIZZLY STEPPE-2016-1229

“The US Government confirms that two different RIS actors participated in the intrusion into a US political party. The first actor group, known as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) 29, entered into the party’s systems in summer 2015, while the second, known as APT28, entered in spring 2016.” from the Joint Analysis Report GRIZZLY STEPPE


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New police crowd control system with sound.

As technology advances and our society evolves, so does everything that comes with: social protest, human rights, privacy, justice, law enforcement, education, etc. The Police Department of New York recently used an LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device). It is a portable sound speaker designed to scare people away with sound. But there is more to … Read more

On Privacy: Why ‘I have nothing to hide’ is the worst argument

You know that whenever I get into a discussion with someone about mass surveillance, companies who specialize in collecting personal information or privacy in general, there will always be someone who says: “I have nothing to hide, so I don’t really care about how I would be monitored’. This reasoning is flawed, and I will explain … Read more