Software Recommendations

Server Software

Monitoring software

  • Munin – A networked monitoring tool that displays graphs about your server(s) performance.
  • Netdata – Real-time monitoring statistics from your linux system(s) in one webpage! See demo at


  • Nginx – A reverse proxy and web server. Very suitable for large websites.
  • MariaDB – A drop-in replacement for Oracle MySQL. However take note that MariaDB offers much functionality that is not present in MySQL. As such once you migrate to MariaDB, you might have a lot of hard work to revert back to MySQL.
  • CentMinMod – A script that eases the installation process for CentOS web servers. It has the ability to setup nginx, mysql and php + apc/memcache automatically.
  • OwnCloud – Set up your own privatized cloud. It enables you to sync files between different compares to a central server.
  • iRedMail – Pretty much fully automated installer that is used to setup a mail server (postfix, spamassassin, anti-spam and virus

Linux system tools

  • NCDU – A command line disk usage analyzer with ncurses interface. Very useful to find out largest folders or files on your server with a useful total usage overview.


  • PortableApps – Enables you to have a wide set of portable programs, very suitable to put on a USB and carry with you.
  • Ninite – Let’s you download the most popular programs without that install automatically, stripped from any bloat such as adware.


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