• Viewing images on a remote console

    Viewing images on a remote console

    Using a remote console to log on a linux environment, there usually is no graphical interface (hence why it is called remote command-line) There are a few tools that can give you an idea what the image looks like, tools like caca-utils will render an image and return an array of ascii characters to your…

  • Check if your system is vulnerable for Intel’s latest security flaws

    The RIDL and Fallout speculative execution attacks allow attackers to leak private data across arbitrary security boundaries on a victim system, for instance compromising data held in the cloud or leaking your data to malicious websites. Our attacks leak data by exploiting the 4 newly disclosed Microarchitectural Data Sampling (or MDS) side-channel vulnerabilities in Intel…

  • Create your own mail server with Mail-In-A-Box

    Create your own mail server with Mail-In-A-Box

    These days, free mail services are plenty: Google Mail, Hotmail/Microsoft, Yandex, … But how is it possible that these services are free? In the case of major players such as Google or Microsoft, these companies scan your email for its contents. This metadata is then used to deliver you personalized advertisements, or sell your profile…

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