Your privacy on Facebook and why you should protect it.

January 1 2015 marks the date on which Facebook will implement its new Privacy Policy.

Though personally I wonder why it is yet called a ‘Privacy’ policy. If you value privacy as much as I do, keep on reading.

Why should we care about privacy?

Our privacy is now at risk, much more than it ever was. The slow and bureaucratic legal systems can’t keep up with the pace of innovation, and that leaves you, the citizen, exposed. The last privacy law that got passed in the United States dates back from 1986. The last one in Belgium dates back from 8 December 1992.

However these laws do not protect our privacy against the possible intrusive and nefarious ways on how our personal information is collected, processed and shared with other commercial entities, governments and legal departments.

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The Humble Origins of Minecraft Middle-Earth


A lot of people recently have been asking me how I got involved in the project, or how it even started. So I’ll just write a full recap here, it will probably become a huge wall of text. My apologies in advance! 🙂

It all started around the time when I was a moderator for Tweakcraft, a Minecraft server hosted by Erik Broes, a member of community. Erik Broes is also knows as Grum, who actively worked on Bukkit’s development and is now working for Mojang (or should I write Microsoft?). I always had a fascination towards technology and IT in particular, but when I was active at I learned a few things about server hosting, Minecraft and hMod. This curiosity lead me to try it out myself and I started off with a small dedicated server.

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